This revised web site has been prepared for the enjoyment and benefit of the Pocahontas, Iowa Class of 1962 and all their family and friends. It is an update of the website developed in 2012 prior to the 50th Class Reunion. If you are interested in knowing about the Class of 1962, please be our guest and roam these pages. We welcome you and we welcome any communication that you might have to share with us. I particularly like various “urban myths” about the Class of 1962 but have found most to be either not true or a significant stretch of the truth. Enjoy!

The original website had been “piggy backed” on what was the Kuehl and Payer, Ltd. (KPL) website. With the merging of that firm with a larger architectural/engineering firm (I&S Group, Inc.), the KPL website eventually ceased to exist. It was used through the end of 2012 as a communication tool for the PHS 50th class reunion. Prior to its demise, previously submitted documents, photos, etc. were salvaged and archived. They are being or have been reinstalled on the new website. Solutions Website Design in Storm Lake has greatly assisted in the previous and this current site’s development.

As with the previous site, if 1962 classmates have items they wish to share, please e mail them or send hard copies to Bob Payer. We have endeavor to get them up loaded for all classmates to see and share. We will include any photos from the 2012 (50th) and previous year’s gatherings. If anyone has any other photos from past class activities or past reunions, please share and we will try to get them uploaded. We have again included all available class photos from 1 through 12, no matter how embarrassing for some like 6th grade. Various old, yellowed documents like the Class History, the Class Will and the like are included under the Tab Oldies but Goodies.


Revision History:

Updated Site On Line:  8/6/16   1st Update Class List:  8/11/16

Added 55th Reunion, Updated Class List, Etc.:  8/30/16

Updated Class List, Classmate Responses: 10/3/16

Updated Class List: 7/22/17

Added 55th Reunion Photos:  9/4/17,  Judy Cundiff Classmate Response, After Dining Photos: 1/11/18